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Re: Audi automatic transmission noise

Juha Helenius <Helenius@walrus.megabaud.fi> wrote:
I bought a few months ago an used (1989, 117000 miles) Audi 100 2.0 E
with three speed automatic transmission from a Toyota dealer.
It had the common Audi problem, leaking seal between trans and
differential. The leakage was fixed by Toyota dealer for free (three
months warranty).

After seal fixing the trans got a squery noise at the flywheel end. The
noise is like a loose old alternator belt (it isnīt). The noise appears
after about 7 miles drive. It is on every gear even on R, N or P and it
varies after motor RPM.

II    The dealer took the car back. They put in new parts: torgue
conventor, oil pump etc. it took about a month.

III   I got the car back but the noise was still there.The workshop boss
and I were very desperate. He told me to drive about 2 weeks to see what
will happen. They are too proud to put in a factory fixed trans and now
they are trying to fix it third time.

I hope that somebody can give a hint what to do. The Toyota mechanics
seems to be out.
Hi Juha,

Keep bringing it back to them unless you want to pay to have an Audi dealer
replace/fix it!

I had a similar problem with my Caprice - I had a rebuilt transmission put in
by a non-Chevy mechanic, who offered a year long warranty with no mileage
requirement, and it broke down at least 9 times after I had driven that
tranny about 10 months.

I kept taking it back and soon they kept referring to my car as the "car from
hell" - but I eventually got a new transmission put in! Persistence sometimes
pays off.

I probably wouldn't drive it in that condition - you could take it to an Audi
dealer to test drive and give you an estimate (but they would probably charge
you for that in Finland!)
Try leaving the car there, and visiting them twice a day, if you have the

Good luck!

Dorab (Nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4, 41Kmi
1990 Coupe Quattro, 67Kmi
1986 Chevy Caprice, 300K+mi