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Re: Filling with fuel

At 12:40 PM 02.19.96 CST, Merlyn Plotz wrote:

>I took my newly aquired 4000CSQ to the gas station for the
>first time. I about froze to death trying to get it to take fuel.
>The auto shut-off on the pump kept turning it off unless I 
>dribbled the gas in. I could see no kinks in the filler pipe 
>when I looked in the trunk. However, the pipe is designed
>with almost a horizontal pipe section before entering the 
>tank. Is this a design goof that I have to live with? Are there
>any tricks that I can use? Or, do I (the car) have some
>problem that I am not seeing? 

ahh...i'd forgotten about the fun i had with that one.
turn the fuel filler nozzle upside down, so that you pull the nozzle trigger
down toward you instead of up.  fuel cut-off worked fine (no spills);  the
only problem was trying to keep the thing in that position--didn't like to
stay there unless you helped it--inconvenient when you wanted to wash
windows, check oil, etc.  don't know why it worked, but it did.

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