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Re: S4 / TQC Install Notes

You do need a special 'freezeplug' for the water return line. Removing the
old and installing the new is one of the Real Fun (Tm) parts. I think I
removed the intercooler & hoses, alt, etc. Intake and exhaust manifolds
remained in place. I did remove the exh downpipe from the kitty-cat for
flexibility and clearance around the turbo. I needed a variety of
flex-sockets, crows-feet, etc that I had to purchase for this job. Both oil
lines needed to be replaced due to the smaller footprint where they attach
to the WC turbo. I had to drill/enlarge the holes on one oil hose where it
attaches to the oil filter block, as I retained the dual filter setup. I
*think* you could replace the oil filter block with one from a WC car and
use the oil hoses as-is. I like the added filter for the turbo and retained
it. The water intake for the turbo comes from a replacement fitting on the
head-to-rad-hose connection via a pipe that runs behind the cam belt cover
and in front of the head, easy bolt-on stuff.....

On that 'freezeplug' Funness (Tm), I drilled a hole in the old plug and used
a home-made slap-hammer built from threaded rod, a woodscrew and a weight
from a weight-lifting set and threaded the screw into the plug and 'hammahd'
(pulled) it out. Worked like a charm! I did it with the coolant *in* the
block to push out and crap/shavings from drilling the hole in the old plug.
Hammahd the new plug in with a deep socket of appropriate diam. Use new
gaskets, etc everywhere (doh!). New studs and nuts for the turbo are unGodly
expensive, titanium, I think...... Did all this out in the driveway up on
ramps under the most 'primitive' of conditions. It *WAS* worth it! I would
guess that the RS2 would be just the same as the S4 turbo R&R.


Vorsprung durch Technik,