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Re: Al rotors - From the Prowler's mouth

At 04:57 PM 2/19/96 -0500, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
>	I talked to Cindy Frei (Program manager for Prowler) today.  She 
>said that the aluminum rotors are slated for the back only, while the 
>fronts get iron like everybody else.  The front calipers are Minivan 
>pieces, the rear calipers are Neon fronts.  She also said that most of 
>the advantage of the Prowler over the Viper is its weight advantage.  The 
>Aluminum rotors effect braking very little.
>	I also talked to the former brake systems manager at Cadillac 
>this morning in the coffee room (He is now my manager) and he said that 
>they found very little difference in braking distances.  They still 
>wanted to do it though because of mass reductions, but it was a $28.00/rotor 
>hit, above the price of iron rotors!!  That's alot in OEM terms.


Those 'team prowler' marketing guys were full-o-sh_t!

The defense rests.......

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