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Re[2]: I5 piston coolers?

     Weren't the squirters in the rods to cool the undersides of the 
     [BZZZTTT anyone](tm)

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Subject: Re: I5 piston coolers?
Author:  "Bruce Bell" <bbell@csn.org> at Internet
Date:    2/20/96 11:31 AM

On 20 Feb 96 at 11:08, Glen Powell wrote:
> I think I remember reading somewhere that all the Audi I5s have the 
> piston oil squirters.....perhaps only after a specific build
> date.....
All turbo I5's had the oil squirters, NA I5's only got the squirters 
in 1988 with the NF motor. I understand; however these squirters can 
be retrofitted into the oil galley in the block. 
Bruce Bell