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Re[2]: Filling with fuel

     >we had a brief thread here about 6 mos ago on the possible use of a 
     >944 engine in an Audi.  don't think we ever verified anything on this 
     >one (can anyone
     >add anymore here?).  it ought to be interesting though--a 2.5L 
     >balance-shaft 4cyl putting out about 150hp and gobs of torque.  
     >aluminum block, BIG time issues with the timing belt (replace every 
     >60k or run at your peril) and you gets to pay Porsche repair prices 
     >(and we thought Audi stuff was bad).
     This actually sounds pretty trick but why not use the 944 turbo.
     I do however have to disagree about Audi vs. Porsche repair bills.
     As a former owner of both a 79 930 and a current maintainer(wife's)
     82 911 I feel that the audi repair bills are just as bad if not worse 
     in some cases. Being that most of us here do all of our own service 
     the parts are the real expense.
     Ok, now I'll go put on my nomex suit and await your replys.