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Registering in Colorado?

I got's some questions for you Colorado-types out there.  Ann's getting ready
to register the '84 5kS in Colorado, and I'm wondering what all's involved.  In
Maryland, before you register a car you have to have it inspected.  They look
over all the important aspects of the car (brakes, lights, etc.) and if
anything is out of spec you have to get it fixed before you can get plates for
it.  When I gave the car to Ann a year ago, she wanted it registered in Iowa
(she was a Penn State Senior at the time.)  All I had to do to get that car
registered is call up the Iowa DMV (from D.C.) and tell them I wanted to
register a car.  I told them the VIN number, sent them a check for $15, and
they shipped me the plates.  No inspection, nothing.  What's Colorado like?
 OK, let's assume she gets the car registered.  In Maryland we have to get our
cars sniffed every two years for smog, etc.  In Virginia, on top of the
emmisions testing, you have to take your car in to have a safety check done on
it (wipers, horn, brakes, lights, etc.)  What does Colorado have?  Every car
out there has a windshield with at least five cracks in it, so I'm guessing
there's no safety inspection...  This will also let me know what to expect for
when I register the TQ out there come summertime (I'm really fed up with this
city), so TIA for any help!

87 5000CS TQ-Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
84 5000S - Boulder, Colorado
90 80 - Bethesda, Maryland