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back from PR

Wow, it was wonderful.  Of course, you'll want to know what kind 
of Audis I saw:  even though I saw some very expensive cars
(Viper, 850CSI) the only Audis I saw were a few 4000s and slightly
more Coupe GTs.  I think I saw one 4000q and a Coupe GT with quattro
tags front and rear (it wasn't, I checked it out of course!)

On the automotive front, lots of SUVs there - Montero, Trooper,
Grand Cherokees (in that order).  The reason I was given is that
those are the only vehicles that will hold up on the bad roads.

Now I'm back to enjoy the cold, snow and rain.  Wheee.

Update on my 84 4000q:  my mechanic discovered before I left that
as he suspected, I dropped an exhaust valve, which is the metal
piece that I saw in the cylinder.  At the time, he didn't have
the head off (lots of broken manifold studs) but I should hear 
something tonight.  So much for the thin oil theory the other
guy gave me (I think).

| Dan |
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