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Tire Pressures & Vendors

The Washington State Patrol makes a good recommendation for all 
around driving:  run your tires at the maximum pressure imprinted on 
the sidewall, but keep any front/rear difference called for by the 

Example: manufacturer says to run 32 front/34 rear.
Your tires say: ...at max. pressure 36 psi.
Run 36 rear, 34 front.  This keeps the two psi difference.

If your tire said: ....at max. pressure 44 psi
Then run 44 rear, 42 front.

The idea is that this respects the "heat rating" of the tire while 
preserving the handling characteristics the manufacturer designed.  
OTOH, if you prefer different characteristics, you may alter the 
difference - but they do NOT recommend running higher than max. 
recommended pressures.

With radials, running full pressure does NOT distort the tire and 
cause increase wear in the tire's center.

Running LOW will:
Make handling mushy
Reduce gas mileage
Increase wear at the tire's edges

> From: flderoos@mmm.com
> Does anyone have the telephone numbers of some of the Audi parts
> vendors handy?  I need a new heater blower motor for a 1990 200 TQ
> and don't want to look through all of my archived copies of the
> Audi  list.

Please check the web page - there's a beautiful new HTML lkayout with 
all the vendors listed - prints out nicely, too!  There are a lot 
more vendors there than I expected!

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