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Re: Exploding Distributor Cap... (fwd)

>The same bro, and quattro went for a long drive with the wife and kids from
>Lake Tahoe, CA down into the depths of Arizona, through the Mojave, to
>San Clemente, etc... and back to Lake Tahoe.  On the trip he noticed on a 
>steady uphill, (1.1 bar~ or 1.2 bar) and that he felt a random "engine
>miss/skip" at
>75mph or 3000 rpm's...?  Temp, 90 degrees outside and less than a 1/8 of a 
>of petrol..... hmmm.  Could this be a vapor lock...?  or something more
>After filling up with petrol he said that all was normal, what gives...??  
>Was a
>sensor acting up...?

Ummmmmmm.......  Low Fuel........  1/8 of a tank, I wonder how long that 
fuell pump might last?


Eric Fletcher