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4000 sq help!!

After lurking on this list for about 2 mos., I guess it's time to get some
help. I've had my 4kq for 10 yrs now and it's time for a change. This has
been my daily driver and has served me well.  Aside from normal
maintenance,I have had no problems -- I really like the car and hate to give
it up.. I also have a 73 911 Porsche which I put up in the barn about 16 yrs
ago.(Most of my kids are gone-- only 2 left at home!!)   Last spring I got
it out and just about have it rebuilt ( The auto manufacturers don't make
much money off me -- buy something well built and keep it in good shape.) 
Just before Christmas, my oldest son had his VW Fox totaled by hitting some
guy who thought he could turn across 3 lanes of traffic. Since the guy
didn't have insurance-- we need another car for him. He,s driving an old
Toyota now that was the family spare.  I've decided to fix up the AUDI for
him, and get myself a new one. I'm setting the 911 up as a semi-track car,
so I really need another for everyday use. I really like the size and weight
of the 4000, but I'm thinking of a late 90Q. Since my son is trying to start
a MD/PhD next year he really needs a reliable car, and I feel I can fix this
one up better than anything we can find on the lots. None of my kids care
anything about automobiles-- autos have been my main hobby for about 40 yrs.

Finally I get to my question...(you still there ????)   What needs to be
done to keep this as reliable as it has been?? What can be done to update it
and make any improvements that have occured since 1985 ??  I'm going to take
it to a shop that specializes in AUDIs to check it out. It's only got about
90,000mi, (speedo quit a couple of yrs ago!!), and runs great. I just had
the A-arm bushings replaced a nd put on a set of Boge Turbo Gas shocks last
summer. Next I'm going to check out the brake system. The valves are real
noisy and I think the vac pump is going.. As you can see, I've got my work
cut out for me. It's different when you're setting the thing up for someone
rather than using it as a trade-in...

I would really appreciate any imput on this job. I don't want to spend a
fortune, but I want it done RIGHT..... Since you guys use about twice the
bandwidth as porschephiles, there must be someone out there who can help. I
really enjoy this list, and have learned quite alot about these great cars
that I couldn't learn by myself over the last 10 yrs...Thanks!!!!!

                                   Paul Zwerner

                                Terre Haute, IN