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Re: Audi automatic transmission noise

In article <960219234508_226374911@mail04.mail.aol.com> Nivi@aol.com writes:

>After seal fixing the trans got a squery noise at the flywheel end. The
>noise is like a loose old alternator belt (it isnīt). The noise appears
>after about 7 miles drive. It is on every gear even on R, N or P and it
>varies after motor RPM.

I believe that a squeal from the transmission area was written up in an old 
QCUSA column by Ned Ritchie.  The squeal comes from the rear crankshaft oil 
seal.  Air is drawn into the engine over the hardened seal causing a squeal or 
whistle.  If I remember correctly, the diagnosis can be checked by removing 
the engine oil dip stick with the engine running and sqealing.  Air entering 
via the dip stick tube reduces the air flow past the seal, reducing or 
eliminating the noise.

Worth a try.

Alan Pemberton

85 TQC
82 Coupe
80 Civic]