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Re: doors, vacuum pumps, max bar

Don't know about the dent.  As far as the vaccuum pump goes, if you have 
a five cylinder it's the "growth" on the driver's side of the head just 
behind the power steering pump between the first and second cylinders 
from the front of the car.  I've driven an '88 and an '86 5kcstq and 1.2 
bar is normal for the max reading on the digital display for a stock 
setup.  Brett's wastegate mods and different turbo bumped that up to 1.8, 
but 1.3 seems to be the consenus for max boost reading on a stock car.

'86 VW Quantum GL5
Auburn University, Alabama, USA
Hometown - Reidville, South Carolina, USA

On Tue, 20 Feb 1996 THOMAST@UWSTOUT.EDU wrote:

> 3 questions i hope some of you on the list can help me with:
> 1.  i recently received a dent in my 5000cstq passenger rear door.  
>     what years rear doors are the same style?  i plan to repaint a used
>     one for now.
> 2.  Where is the vaccuum pump for a 84 quantum gl located?  i can't find
>     it anywhere and don't have a manual?  (it's not under the back seat,
>     it's a wagen)
> 3.  On the computer of my 5000 cstq, the max BAR i can get it to read
>     is about (1.2).  Is this normal or should it be higher (i think)???
> TIA,
> tom thomas
> 87 5000cstq
> 84 quantum gl wag.