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VIN numbers

More stupid questions for the experts:

I own an 87 Coupe GT with the VIN # WAUBEO859HA033236 I've checked my
Bentley manual however the 5th letter which is  "E" is not listed in the
manual. It should specify the engine type i.e. 1.8 liter 2.2L, 2.3L and so
on. They show an "A,B, and C" but what does the "E" mean? Also the engine
code is 054 103 021. Is this the original engine for this car?

The manual has been very helpful but there are a couple of things that It
dosen't show. 

1. The electric cooling fan. It doesn't go on.(That's a switch, it seems
like it    never shuts off on my 200TQ.) Where is the temp sensor for the
fan, and would    that be the likely problem.
2. The radiator. O.K. I know the radiator is attached to the elec
fan/blower, and    the air conditioner evap unit is in front of the
radiator. But the manual       doesn't show an auxiluary radiator unit
behind the grill as is in my vehicle.    I thought perhaps it was the
condenser but at closer examination it seems to    be an extension of the
radiator. Is this neccessary\common?
3. How difficult is it to remove/repair the rear wiper motor in the coupe. I
don't want to start prying at the rear shelf. The manual dosen't show the
proper procedure for this.

If anyone can help me with these questions I'd be very greatful.


Mike D.

89 200TQ
87 Coupe GT
87 Vanagon 
Mike Des Chenes