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Re: BBR Starchip

At the time this chip was purchased, BBR informed of the ECM part number that
this chip is compatible with.  I also wasnt sure whether if a European chip
would work in my US-spec car.  

I took this part number down from BBR and took out the ECM module from my 20V
and noted its part number.  My finding was that the BBR-compatible European
20V ECM part number was identical to the USA 20V ECM's part number.   

One of the characteristics of my 20V was the rush of power you would
experience at about 4500 rpm.  After the chip was installed, it seemed this
rush of power came about 1000 rpm earlier at 3500 rpm.  I did not experience
any starting or driveability problems in the 3 years the chip was installed
in the car.