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Re: Coupe Q Audio

> Second, the AM side of my antenna does not seem to work.  All I get is static. 
> FM reception is fine.  None of this was a problem with the OEM unit.

	Ditto.  I just transferred an older Alpine unit from my now deceased '86 
4kcsq to my '87 5kcstq.  I had a shop do the install, they wired aroung the 
stock "premium" sound amp and everthing sounds great.  FM reception is great 
(Fuba antennae), but ZERO AM, worked fine in the 4k.  Ideas??

Paul Luevano							  '94 CBR 600F2
prl@ptc.com							  '87 5KCSTQ
Waltham, MA USA							  '86 5KCST
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