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Re: Coupe Q Audio

02-20-96  20:26
 treilley_at_bankmark@conseco.com asks:                          

 Tr> I just recently installed an Alpine CD player in place of my
 Tr> factory  unit.  I have two problems.  First, the rear
 Tr> amp/crossover emits a  loud pop when I power on my unit.  Second,
 Tr> the AM side of my antenna  does not seem to work.  All I get is
 Tr> static. FM reception is fine.   None of this was a problem with
 Tr> the OEM unit.  I believe I have all  the contacts correct.  Please
 Tr> help. 
 Tr> P.S. Anyone want to buy an OEM radio from 1990 CQ
 Tr> Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

   This was posted a while ago to the list, here is a reprint,
   I don't even know if the original author is still on the list
   or not. 

            <<Retransmit begins>>

Maybe this has been covered before, but...

I just replaced the Audi/Bose Blaupunkt Delta unit in my V8 Quattro when
the on/off switch finally crapped out.  Even though Audi will do an
exchange for $85, I decided to go for something better.  

When I wired the line outputs of the new head unit to the inputs of the
Bose powered speaker units, I got a huge electronic "thud" each time
the pre-amp engaged, and a lot of alternator whine.  Upon further 
investigation, I found that the inputs of the speaker units were at a
potential of five volts (for some strange reason).  The problem was
solved by adding an isolation transformer between the line-outs of the
head unit, and the speaker line-inputs.  The isolation transformers are
readily available at any Radio Shack and are called ground loop isolators.

Any idea why Bose/Blaupunkt did this?

Dick Meyer
Applied Research Laboratory
Penn State University
State College, PA


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