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Needing info on new models (A4, S4)

Hi all,
  I'm a lurker. Actually, I'm a dumb, lurker. I went to the back files and
couldn't find the info I wanted (even tho I am purty shur its dare). What I
wanted to know is:  Whats coming. What do we know and what do we suspect? I
_love_ my 90 Quattro but I want some more horsepower and I am seriously
looking at a leftover S6. Would like something cheaper and lighter but I
dunno what the future holds. I have heard rumors of 30 valve V6s and "twin
turbo" somethings.
  Thanks for the help. Oh, if someone is interested in my '95 90 Quattro
please tell me.

Michael Lebow
71470,3610 (CI$)
"... there's nothing in this world beats a '52 Vincent and a redheaded girl"