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Thanks to the listmeisters...

	Hello out there !   about a month ago I posted a note asking for
help in locating a used 200Q.   Well, mission accomplsihed, at least for
one of us that were looking. (I'm still not quite ready)  Anyway, I just
wanted to say "Thanks You" to those of you who sent mail directly to me
with pointers to cars, or with suggestions on what to look for, or who
to stay away from etcs... I actually learned quite alot !   This list
is GREAT !!!

	My buddy ended up buying an 1990 200Q sedan. Met Black with grey
leather, 62k miles, BBS with re71's, all options, almost perfect with the
exception of some missing speaker grills in the back deck.  He had it gone
over by the local Audi dude THEN had the car appraised. I'm sure he wouldn
t mind me saying he what he paid. $10.5k  Both the mechanic and the appraiser
thought the car should have gotten quite alot more. 

	Also, turns out the seller is or was BIG into German cars and
has a barn full of spare parts etcs. As an example my buddy picked up a
spare NEW exhaust from the guy, front to back, for $200. I'm going over
there again tomorrow and I'll ask him if he minds if I post what he has
for sale to the list, course my buddy will probably take most of it...

						Thanks again, Tom.