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Re: Regarding V8

Hi Tim,

>Hi Mike (or is Michael preferred?):

Mike is fine :-) I'm pretty informal here.....

>I also own a V8, a 1990.  Yes I have had the 
>belt changed..good advice :-) I sent a similar
>msg to Chris re: THE BELT, so I hope he gets the 
>message (no pun).  I also asked him if we could 
>stay in touch re: V8s and the awesome fun we 
>have driving them.  I am contemplating a performance 
>chip upgrade.  Any info regarding that?  I also
>have no clue if anyone has ever made any other 
>mods, suspension, sway-bars etc.  Would anyone 
>want to?
>Hope to hear from you.
>Tim Gortner
>'90 V8
>'90 90-20V
>'73 BMW 3.0CS

I would also be interested to know if there are
Chip upgrades out there.  I haven't heard of one.

Ned, Peter ?

As far as suspension stuff, I never looked,
I've only had the car a few month's and haven't
managed to get a tire to squeal yet around some of
the on ramps here :-)  I live in Nashua NH and there
is a nice 2 lane ramp here (Exit 8) that goes 
right, then left up and over the highway.  I've gone
in at 65 and come out at 85 in 3rd on the gas hard
and no squeal.  some lean but no hint of a tire
coming loose :-)  I love this car... the only problem
is I have to learn to calm myself when my wife is in
the car.... :-)

On another Note:

I plan to go to Lime Rock this year for QCUSA event
this year.  Anybody now how much this is ? any cheap
but decent hotels nearby ?

Also,  Anyone got any nice sticky 225/50/vr15 tires 
they want to sell cheap ?  I'd like to put something
good on their for the event.  Don't think the Eagle 
GAs are gonna cut it for Lime Rock....

Almost bit on the BFG R1s tires someone was selling
yesterday.... but 205 is too narrow...


Mike L.
89 100 Avant
90 V8Q

P.S. Tim I have a giant V8 folder I've collected while
     researching to buy my V8, if you want it I'll e-mail
     it, some pretty good reading for anyone interested
     in V8's