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Re: New struts

On Wed, 21 Feb 1996, Brooks Ellis wrote:

>         I am putting on new front struts on my '90 100 Q.. The local dealer
> ( whom I usially get my work done by ) says that I need :
> Bearings ( strut I assume ) $ 50

Should be less than $20.00 each.  No labour to install since the struts 
will be out of the car.

> Inserts  ( KYB )            $120
> Stops + Covers ( ? )        $ 50

I assume stops, referrs to bump stops.  IMHO, these are not likely bad.  
Sounds like the dealer padding his wallet.  Struts can cost whatever you 
want, depending on how much you can afford.  Most people here don't like 
KYB.  I tried 'em once, and they didn't last very long.

> Clips    ( ? )              $ 15 to 20


> Labor ( 4 - hrs. )          $228

this time is reasonable.

> Alignment ( Front Only )    $ 34

also reasonable.

> Apparently, they usially do NOT do alignment, but I requested it, because
> the front alignment is not ok. 

I thought you had to since the strut removal necessitates losing the 
camber setting.

> said that unless the bearings were shot, they normally wouldn't do them -
> they said that this was a much more complex procedure that took a lot of time. 

If you are talking about the upper strut bearings, I would definitely 
replace them since they are cheap, adn the struts have to come off to do 
them.  Sorta like a throwout bearing on a clutch job - it's always done 
as a matter of course.

> - Should I go ahead and get the bearings replaced? The car has about  80-82k
> Miles on it. 

See above.

> - Should I go ahead and get the rear struts/shocks ( what is the
> difference, anyway? ) replaced at the same time? If I don't, I will have the

Rears are a much easier job.

> - Would it be a good idea to get new springs at the same time? I am looking
> at slightly sportier springs, probably progressive rate. The Dealer's

I put APEX springs in the front of my 5000CSTQ, but only drove them about 
20 miles before my wife stuffed it into the curb.  I'll report on them 
after I get them all in, adn get some experience behind the wheel for a 
few miles.


Graydon D. Stuckey								
Flint, Michigan   USA
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