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Re: Sunroof

You think your sunroof situation is bad!  This one's a kicker.  I bought 
my 85' 5ks last spring (only 49k mi.).  I bought it knowing that the 
sunroof needed to be repaired.  When you try to retract it, it gets 
sidewards and all screwed up.  I took it to a dealer (Northboro, MA) and 
they gave me an estimate of $1800.00 to fix it.  I nearly soiled myself.  
I was so in shock i didn't catch everything he said but he said something 
about needing a new motor (which seemed to work fine to me), frame (i 
think that was the expensive one), and other misc parts plus over $200 
dollars in labor.  I said thank you and had them disconnect the motor so 
it wouldn't open again by accident and I haven't pursued it any further.  
I hope to have the car at least 3 or 4 more years and i'd love to have 
the sunroof operational.  I won't be graduating from college until May 97 
so i wont have any "bigbucks" till then.  Does any one know what the 
possibilities are of using used parts and what kind of effect that would 
have on the overall cost of the repair?  There is a good junkyard near my 
home in NH with four or five 5k's from 83-86 or 87.  Sorry i couldn't 
help you with your problem but if it makes you feel any better you're not 
the only one with sunroof problems. 
					 '85 5ks