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Re: S6 vs. S4

the latest CAR magazine reports that the normally aspirated 30 valve V6
will go into the a4 later this year.  30V versions of the current outgoing
a6 are already on sale in europe. 

there is some discrepancy about the output of the twin turbo.  CAR reports
that it will have 265 bhp while we are hearing here that it will have over
300.. in any case, i don't see cause to split hairs, because we know how
easily audi turbos can be tweaked... 

there is no mention right now about the v6 tt being fitted to the a4.
all the current talk is the unit being fitted to the new a6.  (yes
i am aware of previous talk about the hot a4, but i find the lack
of current mention to be a little worrying)

there is now talk about a "revolutionary" new CVT (continuously variable
transmission) that will accompany the new A6.  this is quite significant
because prior implementations of CVTs had severe restrictions on engine

at the low end, the golf IV based A3 is now reported to sport a 2.9
liter VW VR6 engine that will produce 210 bhp, quite a bit more than
the current 170+ and will have VW style "syncro" automatically engaging
part time 4wd, but it will still be called quattro.

on the flipside, the new VW passat will be based on the new A6 and
will use audi engines and the genuine audi quattro 4wd system.