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Re: Quattro D88 Audi 90 I'm buying

Here's one for you guys.  I will soon be purchasing a 88 90 for $2200.  That's
right, but witht the price comes burden.  It needs much work.  New AC evaporator 
new heater core, valve cover gasket, Combination switch needs fixing, odometer
needs to work again, new thermal switch for radiator.  And maybe a new 
power steering rack boot and seal kit, and idle stabilizer.  I had just a few
questions.  Has anyone here had to do a heater core job on these?  Any tips
would be appreciated.  And is the odometer set up like the 5000?   If it is, I
can fix it.  After totally up $600 in parts and $2200 for the car, it comes
to $2800 for a car with 110K highway miles.  Sound fair?