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Re: VIN Numbers

I bet that 'E' engine the the 'limted edition' 130HP unit.....

>I own an 87 Coupe GT with the VIN # WAUBEO859HA033236 I've checked my
>Bentley manual however the 5th letter which is  "E" is not listed in the
>manual. It should specify the engine type i.e. 1.8 liter 2.2L, 2.3L and so
>on. They show an "A,B, and C" but what does the "E" mean? Also the engine
>code is 054 103 021. Is this the original engine for this car?

>2. The radiator. O.K. I know the radiator is attached to the elec
>fan/blower, and    the air conditioner evap unit is in front of the
>radiator. But the manual        doesn't show an auxiluary radiator unit
>behind the grill as is in my vehicle.    I thought perhaps it was the
>condenser but at closer examination it seems to     be an extension of the
>radiator. Is this neccessary\common?

Really? Sounds like the Ur-Q style aux radiator.....


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Go Pat Go!

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