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Re: BOSE and other radios

On Feb 21,  6:03pm, Joe Yakubik wrote:
> Subject: BOSE and other radios
> Crutchfields also has adapters for Bose stereo equipment, but unfortunately does
> not list any of them as being compatible with Audi systems.  They also do not
> list Audi in their compatibilty guide.  This is especially ironic because they
> use an Audi to demo their systems. The buttons and A/C controller in the
> pictures make it obvious.

They use *lots* of cars to "demo".  I assume you're talking about
the picture in a recent catalog of the A4 dash with Denon CD
head unit installed.  That was really cool to see! (Of course, the
fit was crummy because of the stupid extra-wide Delta hole...)

Anyway, Crutchfield isn't listing Audi cars in their guides as
they have stopped listing every single car that they could, and
are now listing a subset of their compatibility guide.  You need to
call them for Audi info.  They've already had an A4 with Bose
apart, so they have compatibility info on that.

Dan Masi