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RE: Re: 89 100Q-the quest continues !

Hi Darin !

Oh well . . never hurts to ask for the free stuff. . right ? Anyway it is a small dealer in 
downtown Kansas City by the plaza. I'm mildly interested in the car, the price
seems right, but it's not a TURBO !!!! You know what they say in Audi land . . . 
power is good  . . more is better . . and tooooo much is just right !!! :-) I have located
a *seemingly* nice 1990 V8 Quattro in Des Moines at Fletcher Auto. The car originally 
came from Kansas City and has been sold twice in the Des Moines area. The last to own 
was an attorney in DSM. I drove the car for a few hours last week, seems to be ok, I know
they are mucho dinero when minor/major illness hits the Q. That's the only thing 
making me nervous about buying the V8. Besides i have 2 kids that probably
want to go to a college that costs more that $2000 per year someday. ;-) 

Anyway, i am having a difficult time locating what I really want, a nice 89 200TQ or newer.
I you or anyone knows of such an animal out there waiting to be tamed and waxed, 
send me your cards and letters.

Oh and now . .  FWIW

A college newspaper recently suggested that the marijuana question 
could easily be settled by a joint session of congress. 

Did you hear about the politician who refused to listen to his conscience?
He didn't want to take any advice from a total stranger. 

That's all folk's

Keith Bidne 
Ft Dodge, IA