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Radio info: traffic reports in Germany


Great info on the radio features. I'm back in the good ol "ooh ess ah" USA

So thats what those buttons on the radio were for.............if I had only known......I could have
been drinking beer much earlier in the day.......and avoiding that crazy traffic. Of course, how
do you say "traffic jam" in German. Is "Der Verkehrsstau" the correct word?  My german class
has not covered this subject yet.
Next time I will touch base with you before I head out on the road.
Scott M.

>From: Joe Yakubik <75363.2524@compuserve.com>
>Date: 21 Feb 96 19:32:46 EST
>Subject: Blaupunkt RDS radio (LONG)

>In Germany the traffic reports are broadcast every half-hour (Scott M. - you
>still here, or are you back in those Staus on the border.  The skiing in
>Garmisch was great last week, and no border traffic)  This radio can "tune in"
>and record up to four messages before you get in the car, kind of like an alarm
>clock.  ...jump in the car, hit the play button, and check the traffic for the
>last two hours...