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Re: Stiffer Engine Mounts

At 09:02 AM 2/22/96 -0700, pacdev@csn.net wrote:
>Some of us PRO Rally guys have tried various ways to stiffen up engine and 
>transaxels mounts. (Mechanical not Anatomical!) I've had the best luck with a 
>BONDO (yup!) type body filler. It has some flex and certainly stiffens up the 
>mount. Usually just goop it into the particular rubber bushing assembly
over the 
>existing rubber. It is a short lived solution. 
>I've yet to try it on any road cars. 
>Paul @ PACDEV 
Has anyone tried to get someone to manufacture Poly-urethane bushings?
Couldn't you make a mold of a regular bushing the cut the rubber out of one
then inject the poly-urethane?  I'm no expert on urethane, so this may not
work at all, but Autotech and Neuspeed sure make a lot of urethane parts for
the VW's