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Brake pad warning light

Got another question....

On my 90 V8Q I've recently changed both front and rear
Brake pads.  The fronts were 3/4 worn, the rears were

I did the fronts first, while doing them I had to splice
the brake pad wear connectors together.  The light stayed off
for about a week.  (It was not on prior to the pad replacement)

Then they flickered a couple of times one day, by the next
day they were on permanently.  

I knew the rears only had a fraction of pad left, so I figured,
"oh the rear pads have sensors as well" cool....

While changing the rear pads I noticed no wires.... hmmm...
so why is the light still on ?

So far I just unplugged the connectors on both left and
right fronts.  Light still on.

un-spliced the wires on both sides.  Light still on.

Anybody got the wiring for this circuit in a Bentley ?

I thought the way this thing worked was when the pads
wear enough to short the two wires together on the disk
it completed the circuit and the light came on.  But from my 
test so far that doesn't appear to be the case or there is 
something I'm missing here.

Any ideas ?  The warning light is starting to get really annoying :-(


Mike L.
89 100 Avant
90 V8Q