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RE: S6 vs. S4

Thus spake eliot lim:
>i suspect that when more and more gossip of the new models leak
>out, the demand for S6 will drop and eventually we may even see
>better discounts and lower used prices for S6s and wagons..

The gossip may already be out.  I had occasion to go by both Seattle-area
Audi dealerships (University and Barrier) last week.  University had at
least 2 s6 wagons (red and dark blue) and 2 sedans.  Barrier had 2 s6
wagons (black and white).  These numbers come from a _quick_ inspection of
the sales lot (sans salescritter), so there might be more s6's out there.

You'd think that a high performance, rare car like the s6 would sell
quickly if it was priced right.  Since there are several cars still on the
lot, at least one month after the last s6 shipment came from the
Fatherland, I conclude that:
    1.  dealers are asking top dollar, and buyers aren't amused, or
    2.  buyers are waiting for the twin turbo s6, or
    3.  buyers are unwilling to take the "drive the new car off the lot"
        depreciation hit plus the "instant 1 year old used car" (1995 model
        year in 1996) hit, and want a price much less than the dealer paid.
        Naturally, the dealer isn't amused.

Having said all that, I'd love to own one.  I guess I'll have to "make do"
with my 1990 Coupe Q.  :-)


John Allred (jallred@rtimeinc.com)
RTime Inc, Seattle, WA