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Re: New struts

                           (Each)       (Total)
>Boge Turbo gas F/R       F=$55 R=$54.65   $249.05 
>OEM strut bearing        $12              $24       
>*Front dust boot         $24              $48
>*Rear dust boot          $19.88           $39.76
>*Rear spring seat        $22.18           $44.36
>Labor 4 hours (dealer)                    $192              

So you only need two bearings per car? ( I know absolutly nothing about the
suspension on my car ) 

>P.S If you want to know where to buy the boge for best price, drop me a line.

Yeah! Cheap! _RULE_ ( Beavis voice for the unfamiliar ) !!

Where pray tell? 

I think I will go with the Turbo Gas.. Those are the ones that are not quite
as stiff...No? Gut.. It is Pro Gas I am believing that are the stiffer ones..

Thanks 6.02 * 10^23 !!!!

brooks   ' My car is going to be happy.. cool. '