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Re: Centre Diff question

On Thu, 22 Feb 1996, Michael Spiers wrote:

> work, so I jumped in, fired her up, put it in reverse (I know I could have

Gutsy, gutsy...

> behold, the car didn't move!  Clutch all the way out, and the rear axels just
> spun.  No, I didn't lock the diff.  I thought the centre diff was only capable
> of splitting 70/30?  This was 100/0, the car didn't move an inch.  Gave it a

Yep, you have to lock the centre diff.  Otherwise, it's an open diff, 
with no LSD, and no torque sensing - just a lowly open diff.

My Dad had a bad driveshaft a couple summers ago, so he took it out, and 
drove it with FWD only until he found another driveshaft.  He had to lock 
the centre diff also.

Graydon D. Stuckey								
Flint, Michigan   USA
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