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a/c recirculation not working on auto HVAC

Hey Guys!
  The HVAC controls on my 90 COupe Q are not allowing me to recirculate the
A/C air. The air should recirculate when your setting is on AUTO, and temp is
set at LOW, and fan speed is not on LOW. And once in a while, the HVAC will
start blowing some air though the defroster vents on top.  Of all my Audis in
the past (3 GTs), I've never had this type of problem.  
    I really like to switch out my AUTO system for one of the manual 3 dial
systems.  That way I can contol when I want recirculation--which is always
when the A/C is on.  Does anyone know if these systems are interchangeable??
 I never cared for auto climate controls in the 1st place, analog over
digital anyday.

Dave Head and I went to some junkyards on sat, and I found a speedo from a 5K
turbo and made a really cool clock out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christian J. Long
1990 Coupe Q
1990 90