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Re: Sunroof

At 06:58 PM 2/21/96 -0700, you wrote:
>    Basically, my other current Audi problem, is that my sunroof is *#%&ed.
>My dad borrowed my car, and put on some cheap ski-racks, and they depressed
>the sunroof from the top, about 1/4" down into the roof. You couldn't see
>any difference from in the car, but the thing is just popped-down. Now it
>will tilt up, but not slide back unless you press it down from the outside.
>The dealer says that the right lifter is broken, and it will cost about $150
>to fix that; however that it may need an 'overhaul', which would probably
>cost $350-400. Ouch! 
>    Has anyone dealt with a broken sunroof like this? What can I do about it? 
>    What is an 'overhaul'? Do they replace the somewhat flaky motor, fix the
>miscellanious parts? What? 

Check the archives on this one but if you are mechanically inclined and have
a great deal of patience, you can do this work yourself.  The Bently manual
helps a lot.  The motor burns out when it is overloaded trying to move a
baulky roof.  If you've burned yours out you will need to get another.
I've never replaced one-even ones that seemed bound up worked OK once I
cleaned and lubed the roof.  The secret to a good sunroof is to keep it
clean and lubricated.  I do mine once a year and have had no problems.

BTW  What year is the car?  If its 84 or 85 there is a modification kit for
the roof to make it work better.