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Re: Coupe Q Audio

At 09:13 AM 2/21/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> Second, the AM side of my antenna does not seem to work.  All I get is
>> FM reception is fine.  None of this was a problem with the OEM unit.
> FM reception is great  (Fuba antennae), but ZERO AM, worked fine in the
4k.  >Ideas??
Check to make sure the you have the proper antenna connected.  There are
two.   The one in the rear is the AM/FM.  Make sure the antenna is powered
up.  This antenna is a 12 volt powered unit.  I am assuming however that
both of these things have been done as they are rather obvious and I doubt
the FM would work if they were not done.  However ANY time AM reception is
FUBAR,  look for a bad ground between antenna and body.  This the cause 90%
of the time.  The resistance between antenna ground and chassis ground
should be less than one half ohm (using a ohmmeter)  One measures this at
two places 

Place 1:at the radio from the ground connection on the coax and true chassis

Place 2: between the ground side of the coax at the antenna and the chassis

In either place look for less the one half ohm DC resistance.  Any higher
and you will get poor AM reception.  Make sure you have a good ground.  If
you do, then unfortunately, most often the fix is to replace the antenna.

Hope this helps