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Re: 5KT: Window R&R

At 04:47 PM 2/21/96 -0800, you wrote:
>	The front passenger window on my '85 5KT stopped going up last month
>  The window will go down, but not up.
> I looked at the innards with a mirror, and it looks like there's a metal
sleeve on the >cable.
>	As it stands, the metal sleeve 	can only push
>	down on the window mounting because it's not actually attached to it.
>	Is this "sleeve" supposed to be attached to the mounting and has
>	broken off? Or is there supposed to be another sleeve on the other
>	side to drive the window up?

Yes one of your metal sleves has come off.  Common problem in 84 and 85.  It
can be fixed on a temporary basis but replcement of the unit is highly
reccommended.  This part is OK to buy 2nd hand (junkyard)  It will generally
run about $50. used.  It will last about 2 years and you'll have to do it
again.  If you can get a regulator out of an 86 or newer it should last
longer.  Check the archives for the places to buy the parts.