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Re: Give Him a Break!

>From Al Powell

>I am on Peter's side in the following:
[Peter Wales' comment triaged for brevity]
>Please, DO give Peter a break.  His posting was informative, brief,
>and to the point.  He was a lot LESS critical of this product than I
>have heard others on this list be to other products.  He knows
>something about this!  If we want to lose him from the list, we're
>going about it the right way.
>As soon as he replied, I thought: "We'll see someone on the list
>overreact to this...."  But I have specifically omitted quoting the
>respondents in deference to all my list-mates.
It is unfortunate that the SuperChips ad really touched the raw nerve on
this list. Without reading the archives, guess 'Mr. Chips' did not know his
company and his reputation have been thoroughly villified on this list. And
thus his postings is to an oft-times hostile audience.

SuperChips happens to sell to many makes of cars. Audi being one of them.
But there was no sub-section in the SuperChips ad that clearly states that
modifications to the Audi line of cars may or may not include a computer
chip alteration. But my guess is that SuperChips does swap IC's
(intergrated circuits, not intercoolers) on the Prosches and Nissans and
varies other US cars like the muFFtangs.

So we tried an convicted the company for impressing the false impression on
the Audi crowd for how they actually modify our beloved cars for more
power. But give the man a chance. He's been mature and reasonable in his
posts. I find any information he can provide about our cars great. If only
Audi or even Audi of America would pipe in once in a while. (Our contact in
Hong Kong is great tho).

I hope amid all the Nomex and flames hurled at Peter that he persist and
stay on our list. And contribute whenever he can. It is an information
exchange we are seeking after all. I have a lowly 87 5000s with no hope of
more easy power upgrade, but I still would like to know what all the
vendors out there can provide.

Hate to see Ned join this list and be flamed for 'Charging too much'. Keep
an open mind guys. There's nothing better than 'free' info. Hit the
'Delete' if it don't rock your boat. Filter out SuperChips everytime he

I hope Peter Wales stays with us.

Ernest Wong