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Re: Brake pad warning light

>I thought the way this thing worked was when the pads
>wear enough to short the two wires together on the disk
>it completed the circuit and the light came on.  But from my 
>test so far that doesn't appear to be the case or there is 
>something I'm missing here.
>Any ideas ?  The warning light is starting to get really annoying 

Lights works backwards from what you think.  If there is no connection, the
light comes on!  Check the plug you you connected when you changed the pads.
Sometimes there is enough corrosion that an open circuit results in the
light staying on.  Clean the contacts.  Also check the wire going to the
plug.  It is easy to break it internally during the installation of pads.
You will find you problem in one of these two places.  I speak from
FRUSTRATING experience!

Everything works OK now though.