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Re: Geekification of car names/ID?

At 05:20 PM 02.21.96 EST, Joe Yakubik wrote:

>I'm not sure if I'm trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist or bringing up
>something that may just muddy the waters more.  This may be more of interest in
>communicating between continents.  The codes for body types are in the VIN.
>example, my US-spec '91 200 has the same body style as the older european 200's
>and the 89-91 US 100's which have the same body style as the US 5000's.  All of
>these are "type 44" in the VIN (digits 7&8).  However, a '91 US 100 is a
>completely different car than a '91 euro 100.  The europeans changed body
>for their '91 model year.  

this would definitely be an issue for those trying to get parts in europe
for their us-spec cars.  the change for the C-body (NA 5k/100/200, ROW
100/200;  more below) ca. 1990-91 was preceded for the B-body (4k/80/90) in
'87-88.  for some reason, audi just doesn't see fit to bring over the same
cars to N. America at the same time they are intro'd at home;  of course
there's certifications and such they have to do too, but still, why do we
(Nord Amerikans) have to wait for the latest and greatest?

>This is kind of esoteric, because noone thinks of there car as a "type 44"
>but it might clarify things for people trying to order euro parts, wondering
>about compatibility, etc.  This would not guarantee a match, but could be used
>as a tool to reduce confusion, maybe.  If someone is unsure they could ID there
>car by normal number and add the body style from the VIN after.

I notice that the D&W catalog DOES refer to Audi 100/200s by body type for
the "typ 44"

>Or in the interest of "saving bandwidth" we could further abbreviate the
names a
>la 5K.  My 200 could be 2C, or more accurately CC, a 100 would be simply C.  It
>gets really interesting when you start adding all the other trim level codes.
>If nothing else it could further complicate Steadiric's tagline, he could go
>Roman instead of metric.

Now you're really gonna confuse things...since the INTERNAL codes for these
cars are C# for the 100/200/5k, B# for the 80/90/4000, and D for the V8, the
#-sign referring to the generation.  I may be 1 # off, but I believe the C3
is the 100/200/5k sold in N. America up through '91 while the C4 (not the
explosive!) is the 100/S4 sold starting in '92.  I wonder how the marketing
folks ever got A4/A6/S4/S6--talk about confusing and inconsistent (the A6/S6
lineage is clear, but the A4/S4 doesn't fit here).  wonder what they're smokin'

2 pennies.
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