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Re: Replacing a Bose stereo

On Thu, 22 Feb 1996, Reid Philip Meyer wrote:

>  i recently bought a '90 200t and i want to repalce the stereo
> (yeah it's nice, but...), with my CD player I had in my '81 5k.   Is there
> going to be a compatibility problem, or will they be able to just plug it in
> there. 

my v8 came with the factory bose a.k.a. break-y buttons head unit.

basically all that was wrong was that one of the station buttons
would lose its spring and "fall in" so the effect was the same
as though you had your finger constantly pressing on it.  dammed

first one was replaced for $20 goodwill with a refurbished unit.
the refurbished one broke not long after that i decided to bag

i had an old Nakamichi tape deck from my ex-4KCSQ that i had 
someone put into the v8.  what the rest of the bose system
wants are PREAMP outputs from your head unit... if you have
those then you're in luck.

the other potential problem spot was attempting to eliminate
all the alternator noise that somehow got introduced by the
installation of the new head unit.  

aside from that it was relatively easy....

i don't have the in dash display anymore, but after a while
i stopped missing it.  plus, the Nak sounds much better than
the Bose...