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Window switch re-building ?

Ok, can this be done ?

The window switches on my wifes care will put the 
windows down really nice..... but they won't go back up....

If I wiggle and push it hard enough the window will
eventually go up.  My guess here is the contacts
on the switch are dirty.  

I looked thru the archives at the seat heater switch
bulb fix instructions but they are no help for the 
window switches.  :-(

Any one done this ?  want to tell me how ? :-)

Thanks in advance,

Mike L.
89 100 Avant (driver door switch cluster currently residing on 
                           dining room table ....)
90 V8Q  (of which I've got 9 takers so far on the what I'm calling
                 the V8 Registry :-)  so far nobody over 100k miles yet....