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Re: race/track tires

>Tire Temp's play a MAJOR roll in making a car work.......  The A-008RSIIs 
>is not nearly the "Soft Sticky" tire that Yok wants you to think that it 
>is.  Go to the racetrack and checkout just how many roadracers are 
>running them.... Not many.  Personal opinion of them is they suck, I will 
>not drive a car with them. Also check out just how many national champs 
>are running them.... 

Gee, lats time I checked *LOTS* of National amd Regional Champs were running
RAIIs and many others were running the BFG R1s....

Eric, how about some advice on going from 205-55-14s to 195-55-14s to try to
get them up to proper temp? Am I better off with the wider tire anyhows,
even at suboptimal temps? This is with the HS required stock 6" rim width.....


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Go Pat Go!

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