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Re: Give Him a Break!

I'll give him a break!   :~^)

On the subject of the 'chip' or code not being changed on the US-verions of
the 'superchips' product for the CIS turbo Audis, I checked out Peter's
Webpage and looked at the 'Original Quattro Turbo Coupe' section. It does
clearly state, if you read the whole thing right to the end, that the kit
contains a 'modified computer and a new WG spring' and it does *not* claim
any 'chip' or code upgrade. IMFO this is technically accurate and I applaud
Peter for making these facts available, at least to those that can access
the Web.

That having been said, I'd still like to see the product's name and
advertising adjusted such that it would not claim or otherwise imply that
the 'chip' or code is upgraded or changed. I know how tough it is to change
a product's name and/or marketing angle, but, it would be THE RIGHT THING TO
DO! (or supply a legit 'chip' upgrade with new and improved code) Also,
if/when *real* 'chip' upgrades are available from 'superchips' for the CIS
turbo Audis I think it would be a real nice customer-friendly thing for
Peter to offer FREE upgrades to all customers that purchased 'chip' upgrades
in good faith in the past and only got a few cents worth of discreet
components and a WG spring for their $$$s.


Go Pat Go!
Go Pat Go!

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