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Re: Mobil 1 @ Walmart

In a message dated 96-02-22 21:58:21 EST, you write:

>I will take the advice of Al Powell I believe who sent it
>and change the filter every 3k but leave the oil in for
>10k miles.  Anybody think this ia bad idea ?  I typically 
>drive about 8 miles on the highway to work,  but maybe
>once a week or so take a 30 mile banzai run to a
>customer site :-)

I realize this is a controversial subject worthy of *endless* debate, but,
I'm leary of leaving oil in for 10K because of the fact that the oil is
holding contaminents in suspension. The filter will remove some, but the
water/acid/ash/etc will be recirculated throughout your engine until the oil
is drained. At the risk of hearing about motors that have gone 250k with only
changing the filter, I'll be brief and comment only that my *opinion* is to
use whatever oil you prefer and change it every 3k. 

-Chris Semple
'85 4000q