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Re: Bimmer (Nomex!)

> No, bring it up.  This is a rare car and therefore of interest.  Now, do you
> suppose there is a reason it was only sold for a very limited time?  :-)
> My dogs get a better reception than BMW's dog.  :-)  OOOOps.  Perhaps that
> was unfair.  :-)
> >I may be crossing the line, but there's an '88 BMW 325ix for sale here in 
> >Auburn.  I know they're pretty rare.  For those of you who don't know, 
> >the 325ix is an all wheel drive Bimmer.  They didn't make many - I think 

When I test drove one, it was small, noisy, and bumpy. The engine noise 
of harsh, and power was somewhat of a ho-hum. So why was it only sold for 
a limited time? (:

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