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Re: Mobil 1 @ Walmart

I'll second Chris' conservative suggestion, especially in light of the fact
that you only travel 6 mi each direction. You'll get a lot of fool dilution
due to always running with mixture enrichment.....

>>I will take the advice of Al Powell I believe who sent it
>>and change the filter every 3k but leave the oil in for
>>10k miles.  Anybody think this ia bad idea ?  I typically 
>>drive about 8 miles on the highway to work,  but maybe
>>once a week or so take a 30 mile banzai run to a
>>customer site :-)
>I realize this is a controversial subject worthy of *endless* debate, but,
>I'm leary of leaving oil in for 10K because of the fact that the oil is
>holding contaminents in suspension. The filter will remove some, but the
>water/acid/ash/etc will be recirculated throughout your engine until the oil
>is drained. At the risk of hearing about motors that have gone 250k with only
>changing the filter, I'll be brief and comment only that my *opinion* is to
>use whatever oil you prefer and change it every 3k. 
>-Chris Semple
>'85 4000q

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Go Pat Go!

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