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Re: Brake pad warning light

Mike L. had a problem concering his brake-pads-light. 

Here are some suggestions:

The (front) brake pads have a wire inside which are *cut* if
the pads wear out. So unplugging the connector has the same
effect as a worn out pad. To check the system,  unplug both
connectors and short-cut the pins. The light should go off.
Otherwise you have a broken wire or a faulty relay or a low
brake fluid level or a low hydraulic fluid level or low
hydraulic pressure or a faulty sensor of the above levels....
[assuming you have power steering]

Also check the wire in each pad with an ohm-meter. It should read
0 Ohms. If not, the wire inside is broken and probably the pad is

If it is the wiring to the pads or the relay then you could get 
rid of the light by removing the relay (I'm not sure, but I think
it is in the auxillary relay board near your left foot) I had exactly
this a year ago.

Hope this helps!
And happy Audiing!