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Re: New struts

In a message dated 96-02-21 21:34:36 EST, you write:

>My questions are :
>- are these ok prices? 

Here are prices I'm about to pay to a place that specializes in frame and
susp. repair:

strut bearings - $54
strut mounts - $84  (perhaps these are the Stops + Covers  ? )
4 wheel alignment - $60
Boge turbo gas from RD Enterprises - $128
Labor - $70, that's right seventy

Since the strut has to be dissasembled to replace 1st two, no charge for
slipping in inserts that I obtain. Keep that in mind if you decide to obtain
something your guy doesn't carry. I installed KYB at 90k miles on my 87 5k
csTQ. Although I got a good 95k miles out of them, they seemed a little
harsh, without a gain in handling. My impression of the general consensus on
this list is to go with the Boge TGs. They have a lifetime warr. from the
manufacturer to original purchaser.

>- Should I go ahead and get the bearings replaced? The car has about  80-82k
>Miles on it. 

Someone on this list has posted "how to check them", so there is a way. I've
got 190k on mine-original owner.

>- Should I get all four wheels aligned instead of just the front? I would
>imagine that tis would be a good idea.. I do not think they have been
>aligned in a LONG time, and after years of semi-off road driving/curb
>clipping/pot hole hitting I would imagine that it would help a lot.

You answer your own question.
>Sorry for the long post, but thanks for any comments/experiences that may
>help me on my current Audi-god-sacrifice.