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Re: Good mechanic in Mass??

PRL@PTC.com wrote: 
> I'm sorry for the waste of bandwidth, but can anyone in the 
> Boston area recommend a good mechanic for items such as, 
> oh say, putting on a power steering hose I provide? 
I've been using Central Service in Natick for about a year now. They came
highly recommended from a friend who used them for several years. 
These people are fabulous. Inexpensive, thorough, and nice people, to boot.
Their focus is Audis, although they also do other European cars (mostly
Volvos, Saabs and BMWs). 
They diagnosed a really weird problem with my wife's 200...the car would
run its cooling fan after shutdown every time the car was run, draining the
battery in the process. They finally traced it to a thermal switch which
wasn't checking to see if the engine was hot. Took them probably 8 hours of
diagnosis (cos it was a very unusual failure)...charged me 1/2 hour labor
to R&R the part, and $29 for the part itself...a losing proposition for
them moneywise, but made me very happy... 
Similarly, I dropped off the car with a self-diagnosed heater core failure.
They returned the car with a new spring thingie in the HVAC system, and the
problem solved. 
These guys are great. Downtown Natick, right by the trainstation. Call em
at 508 653-5880. Tell 'em I sent you... 
Lee Levitt